Thursday, December 01, 2011

Belated TD Relays Report

Only five days late. Skiing on the 3X5K relay with my own kids was memorable, even though I'd like to forget my own race. More or less shot myself in the foot, not to mention some other factors. Still it was a lot fun.

Weather could have been warmer, but -5 wasn't too bad compared to what we'd had earlier in the week. The course was tougher than in the past, but it wasn't a killer either: Stadium, Relay to South Tower, onto Tower for a K or so, then down the sprint course (over a jump and round a big S turn), Rollercoasters, White Cub, White Bear and WB Access, and then just a little jog around the first section of Warm Up.

I felt off from the get go, worse on the hill and that's just 1K, and it went downhill from there.

18:27 (me)
17:57 (Tristan)
17:00 (Mikko)

8th overall, and a surprise 3rd in our division.

I signed up for the sprint race on Saturday. Not quite looking forward to that--would rather do a 15K freestyle or the 4 mile snowshoe race. But the former is not happening this year and the latter conflicts with the ski races. So I'll be there. Might as well jump in and go against the masters.


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