Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quick Equinox Predictors

Based on review of Equinox entrants so far (9/15) it seems like a youth movement/changing of the guard is on, but we'll see about that. Anchorage runners have made a good showing on several recent Equinox Saturdays, but none seem to be signed up this time around.

Last year's winner Jane Leblond is running the relay, so we'll have a new winner. Davya Flaharty has been running strong all summer, capped off with a solid 3:04 marathon win last month in Anchorage. If she's recovered she'll be tough to beat. Melissa Lewis has also had a good summer but she was not listed among the entrants. Past podium finisher Laura Brosius is entered but hasn't raced locally this summer, and Maria Stensland of Norway is back in town.

Win - Flaharty
Place - Stensland
Show - Brosius

The men's race will be exciting. Defending champion Matias Saari will be back of course, but he'll be challenged by relative youngster Chris Eversman (25), who's been racking up some impressive distance wins this summer: record at Gold Discovery and Musk Ox Trail runs, and second fastest ever at the Santa Claus Half Marathon with a 1:13. Meanwhile, 2009 runner-up Stian Stensland is also back in town. Data on recent performances are lacking (although a Google search might solve that), but he was looking tanned and fit the other week at the Musk Ox Run.

Win - Eversman
Place - Saari
Show - Stensland


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