Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Endless Nordic Winter: Phase 1 Report

We're two months into our lengthy six month winter, a good time for an update.

Per normal in this day and age the weather has been anything but normal. After an early snowfall (October 7), which never melted and some promising early weeks, this has been a mild winter with less than ideal conditions. Based on ski condition reports, closed, poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent, we started out with a week of very poor conditions (for hard core rock skiers only), followed by a couple weeks of poor but skiable for normal folks. By November conditions were fair to good for a few weeks, but a warm up during Thanksgiving week followed by a cool down rendered us skiing on poor to barely skiable trails for nearly three weeks. Fortunately we got 3" of fresh snow on December 7, and another 1" on the 9th. Now we have about a 6-8" base and conditions are good on the skating lanes, and fair to good for classic. Still running into the dirt every half k or so on the classic trails, but those are usually avoidable.

Training has been solid, but not spectacular volume wise. Been at 7-8.5 hrs/week. I started in on threshold and V02 max training a little earlier (by the 1st week of November) and it paid off in the early races.

Nov - 17, 8k town race freestyle (24:41, 31st/120 (19% back), 2nd 40+
Nov - 18, 10k USSA classic (37 something), 18th/20 (30%! back), 2nd 40+ (2nd of 2!) way off.
Nov - 23, 4.5k Turkey Days relays (12:16), 4th OA, 3rd fastest split for 40+
Dec - 9, 15k Gundeloppet (50:54), 7th/65, 2nd 40+ (8.5% back) (best race all year and actually as good as anything last year!)

For the next month I need to get 8-10 or 11 hr/week


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