Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ready to Roll

Maybe. After hyper-extending my tibialis (seemingly both posterior and anterior) a few weeks ago, I've had to slow the transition into running. The 17:48 5k two weeks ago was a good indicator of base fitness, but my turnover and that neuromuscular gestalt, where you 'feel' like a runner, definitely weren't there. The race effort set me back a bit and my shin was hurting on both sides, so I took to 10 days of easy running (but included one low impact tempo run--going uphill for about 25 min) with the hope of allowing the muscle and tendons to heal. Yesterday's 60 min effort, which included a few strides and about 20 min at about 6:30 pace were a good indicator that things are coming around. I'll up the mileage to 60 this week, and plan to include a race pace workout. My first race will be a 5000 m on June 7, and I'll follow with either another track effort on the 14th or a 5k road race
on the 16th. These are all build ups for the Midnight Sun Run 10k, where I'd like one more crack at sub 35.


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