Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July Wrapup

I don't know quite where I'm going with this blog and have been meaning to make some entries over the past month, but the desire to actually sit down and think about something let alone write about it has escaped. My mind is on vacation.

Running--Things running have gone well. Averaged about 65 miles a week for July and competed in two races. June was middle distance month, with everything 10k and under. July was distance with a half marathon and a 16.5 miler. I had to work through both of those (no prior tapering/recovery) because I'm trying to build-up for the Equinox Marathon in September. Nevertheless, both races went well, with a 4th in the half (averaging about 6:01 per mile) and a 3rd in the 16.5 mile Gold Discovery Run (averaging 6:13 per mile). Now I feel semi-beat up, but will continue with the marathon buildup in August. I could ramble on about running [being an age-group running geek is both exiting and somewhat frustrating] but let's just leave it there for now.

Work--It's going along. Our environmental impact statement analyzing the impacts of an Army training range at Donnelly Training Area, Alaska, was finalized. I worked several sections, mostly last year, and did some good analytical work on impacts to wildlife and vegetation. I also wrote and coordinated much of the cumulative effects analysis, using cutting edge methodology. This is not like science publication, altough the level of rigor is pretty close. Overall, it involves too much nit-picky lawerly wordsmithing.

Blog--Speaking of wordsmithing, Tamara reviewed some of my recent entries and of course found typos. She says she will do some editing. I need all the help I can get in that department.

Family--The kids are amazing, and sometimes amazingly lazy! But that's what summer is for, so we indulge them. Tristan has enjoyed his soccer, but he's not That into it and probably will not do competitive league next year, even though he could. It's a year around sport now and he wants to run in the fall and ski during winter. He's incredibly level-headed for an 8 year old, and did I say fast? He ran a 7:09 mile last week! Mikko is the consumate computer geek, but we keep him active. I attended biathlon camp with him last week for two days. He's not much for the running or skiing aspect, but likes the shooting. He does like cycling and has been a regular at the Jr. Mtn. Bike Club. Tamara has been able to focus more on her artwork lately. The plan is for her to really take off on that, get famous and rich, and support my aerobic habits.


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