Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bragging on My Wife

Tamara's illustrations have just been published in another book! Her work has been published in several notable conservation and natural resources books, including Ecology of North America by Eric Bolen (1997) and Challenges in the Conservation of Biological Resources: A Practitioner's Guide by Daniel Decker et al. (1991), but this may be her best effort yet. The 2nd edition of Waterfowl Ecology and Management by Guy Baldassarre and Eric Bolen has just been released. The book provides a comprehensive review of waterfowl management by two leaders in the field.


The text also includes numerous chapter and descriptive illustrations by Tamara, who has a fine hand and eye for accuracy and nuance. Congrats to the authors for their fine work and to Tamara for applying her craft so well. Her illustrations add to the clarity and readability of this text.


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