Friday, February 03, 2012

The Year's Plan Is Shaping Up

I'll stick it out through the ski season, but even though the weather is getting better and we haven't gotten to the best part, ski racing for the remainder of this winter is like an afterthought.

My main goals are running. But here's a bit of a contradiction. I was orignially toying with the idea of jumping into the Eugene Marathon in April, but would rather save my spare few dollars for a pair of factory picked Fischer RCS classic skis for next year. The rationale behind that, I'm tired of getting waxed and smashed in classic races, so I'm going to get the best skis possible and see how it all shakes out next year.

Anyway, I turn 54 this month, last year in the 50-54 age group and still have some time goals. I've been frustratingly close to sub 5 for the mile (5:00.8 in 2008 and 2009), sub 17 in the 5K (17:01 in 2009), and sub 6:00 pace for half marathon (did 1:18:52 in 2009, 6:00.9/mile). One last chance to bring those down a notch. Been feeling good, recovering well from indoor track and treadmill workouts, and this is the last chance.
Everything else would be just for kicks.

And of course the biggest goal this year is to help those West Valley boys along to an AK State XC championship!

Fall marathon...maybe, but a fast half on "the Outside" would be great.


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