Monday, March 09, 2009

TOA and Masters Nationals 50K

In spite of a crazy hectic schedule leading right up to the start (little things like packing, driving 7 hrs, and waxing skis for the junior racers as well as my own), and some wild weather late in the week which delayed our arrival by a day, the Tour of Anchorage was great. We had perfect weather--maybe 14 or 15 degrees--and superb snow. I also liked the new format where faster skiers go out at 8:30 while other waves hit the trail at 10 and after. This eliminated the congestion, human slalom, and some major stress out there on the trail from about 10K through 35K.

Was in perfect position through 9K, about 35th to 40th place wise at the end of a big train of 15 or 20 skiers, but I got dropped bad on the last downhills of Spencer Loop and never saw most of them again. Skied the mid Ks with another skier or two and we exchanged the work, but you really need 5 or 6 to make the drafting work.

Anyway, never bonked and just kept a steady-somewhat conservative pace throughout to finish 36th overall, 1st 50-54 (and 1st in US Masters Nationals!).


Blogger Diehl said...

Trying to leave a message for Roger S. I raced against him at Empire State Games in Lake Placid in 1990. We split races with me taking the freestyle race with Rodger in 2nd and Rodger taking the classic race with me in 2nd. I just happen to see the results from the Anchorage 50km and saw his name which brought back memories. Also saw Mark Paprocki's name another former NYSSRA ski racer.

5:34 PM  
Blogger wilson said...

Hi Doug, I remember those Empire Games well! Definitely a highlight even though it was raining and slushy. Are you still living/skiing in New York?

6:49 AM  

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